Sync Up

Sync Up is a series of sessions focused on educational and business development for the entertainment industry and take place all year round. The conference debuted in 2008 as one of the Jazz & Heritage Foundation’s efforts to support the local music industry by connecting Louisiana’s independent artists with top professionals in music, film, and digital media.

Over the past year and a half, New Orleans artists of all stripes have been redefining what it means to perform in an unprecedented landscape that asserts their craft as currently unsafe for live public consumption.  As restrictions on public gatherings and businesses ease, musicians and music venues are beginning to open their doors and return to the stage. Through all of this, artists and creative professionals persist and strive to keep the art of public performance alive and continue to serve their communities via the means available to them.  Sync Up is about what’s next.

Sync Up Workshops will return Fall 2023!

Sync Up: Nola Next

Sync Up: NOLA Next was focused on artists emerging, collaborating and evolving within the local music industry as both an artist and entrepreneur.  As a year-round program, the Sync Up series provided a meeting place, educational space and community for local musicians and industry professionals who want to connect with the Music Industry and industry professionals in the city. All events took place at the George and Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center.

Interview with Mia X
Artist Evolution moderated by Christie Jourdain of The Original Pinettes Brass Band
This panel focuses on Mia X and her evolution as an artist.

Interview with GLBL WRMG
ollaboration as Emerging Artists moderated by Amanda Mester
The panel will cover topics including collaboration methods as emerging artists, balancing the needs of creative collaborators and business collaborators, creating impact, and getting noticed.

Interview with GenRise
Entrepreneurial Collaboration
moderated by Ashley Shabankareh
This panel on Entrepreneurial Collaboration features Lou Hill, DJ Raj Smoove in conversation with panelists LaWanda Smith and Malaika Moran.

“Sync Up’s reputation has continued to grow within the music industry, providing practical and valuable information to musicians with advice from music supervisors from hit TV shows to legendary musicians