The Pro Audio Workshops are part of an ongoing effort by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation to increase arts education opportunities for young people. They expand on the growing repertoire of classes the Foundation presents in the state-of-the-art education facility the Foundation opened in 2015, the George and Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center.

Pro Audio Workshops are free and serve students ages 10-18 throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Classes are held on Saturdays from 10am – 12pm for Beginners Audio Seminar and 10am – 1pm for Advanced Studio Recording Practices. 

  • Beginners Audio Seminar
    • Beginners Audio Seminar is taught by Chris Finney, a Grammy-winning producer, recording, and mixing engineer. Topics to be covered include, learning to manage cables, understanding basic signal flow, and basic science of acoustics and sound, identifying types of microphones as well as understanding phantom power, an introduction to Pro Tools, and capturing audio. They will be given an introduction to the mixing console, multi-track recording, principles of digital audio, and be able to understand different approaches to audio production. Classes are held on Saturdays from 10am-12pm at the George and Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center.

  • Advanced Studio Recording Practices
    • Advanced Studio Recording Practices is taught by Jason Doyle and Khalid Hafiz- the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation’s production team. Topics to be covered include learning to set up and run a basic studio session, learning how to prep for a studio session and prepare an input list, understanding patching and line checking, learn how to mic instruments, learn how to operate a Pro-Tools recording session, and a general understand of basic studio practices and etiquette. Classes are held on Saturdays from 10am-1pm at the George and Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center.

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