Community Partnership Grants

Since 1979, the Jazz & Heritage Foundation has been channeling proceeds directly back into Louisiana communities through grants that fund projects aligned with the Foundation’s mission. It’s through Community Partnership that the Foundation provides grants to schools, artists, and arts-based nonprofit organizations throughout the state.

Don Marshall, Executive Director

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation is now accepting Community Partnership grant applications for its Education categories which provide funding for arts education programs in Louisiana schools and after-school programs.

Grant applications for the remaining three categories: Presenting, Media Documentation, and the Louisiana Cultural Equity & Creation grants which support performers’ fees, the documentation and exhibition of Louisiana culture and individual artists will open on Monday, May 27th.  This year, the organization will continue to support the local creative economy and arts education by increasing the maximum grant request in all five categories from $5,000 to $7500.  

New this year:

  • The grant maximum request has increased from $5,000 to $7500 in every category.
  • There is now only one category for individuals: Jazz & Heritage Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts & Creation category.
  • Education In-School and After-School categories have a deadline of Friday, June 21.
  • The Presenting, Media-Documentation, and Louisiana Cultural Equity & Creation grant applications will open on May 27 and have a deadline of July 8.

Our Five Grant-Giving Categories:

Education In-School

Jazz & Heritage In-School Education Programs in Music, Arts, and Cultural Traditions: This category supports music and arts education in the schools by funding music and art instruction that takes place at Louisiana K-12 schools during the regular school day or after school. Schools (public or private) may apply for money to pay for instruments, instrument repair, sheet music, visual art supplies, or other needed materials to support arts instruction as part of the school’s curriculum. Deadline: June 21st

Education After-School

Jazz & Heritage After-School and Summer Education Programs in Music, Arts, and Cultural Traditions: This category supports after-school and summer educational arts programs offered by nonprofit organizations. Organizations may apply for money only to pay the professional teaching fees of the artists or educators who provide arts instruction. Only nonprofit organizations in Louisiana may apply. Deadline: June 21st

Jazz & Heritage Presenting

Jazz & Heritage Presenting: Festivals and Concerts in Music and Performing Arts: This category supports job opportunities for Louisiana performing artists through financial support to local nonprofit organizations to facilitate the hiring of Louisiana-based performers for festivals and public cultural events within the state. Eligible organizations for this funding are limited to nonprofits located in Louisiana.

Media: Documentation & Creation

 Jazz & Heritage Media- Documentation & Creation: supports the creation, documentation, or exhibition of artworks that reflect, interpret, document, or preserve the indigenous culture of Louisiana. Open to nonprofit organizations. Priority will be given to Louisiana-based applicants.

Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts + Creation

Jazz & Heritage Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts & Creation: supports all individuals engaged in creating, documenting, or exhibiting artwork that reflects, interprets, documents, or preserves the many cultures of Louisiana. All individuals based in Louisiana are welcome to apply. We also encourage applications from ALAANA individuals and those from historically underrepresented groups who are driving positive and transformative social change in the context of Louisiana culture and traditions.


Community Partnership Grants are available to the following groups:

  • 501c3 nonprofit organizations and registered Louisiana nonprofit organizations
  • Individuals (may only apply in the Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts + Creation category)
  • Institutions of higher education located in Louisiana
  • K-12 public, private, or parochial schools located in Louisiana
  • Federally recognized tribal communities or tribes located in Louisiana
  • For-profit businesses are not eligible for this program. Additionally, For-profit organizations cannot serve as fiscal agents for recipients.


The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation uses a web-based grant application from Go Smart.  Go Smart is a user-friendly system used by organizations around the country.  Applicant Help Tutorial Videos are available for applicants. It is highly recommended that all applicants review the videos before beginning a new application. You can also review a PDF of the Applicant Tutorial.

You can always access the grant portal by using this link: https://jazzandheritage.gosmart.org/

Application Assistance

Our team will be happy to answer questions or explain the grant process. Questions should be directed to grants@jazzandheritage.org, or by calling the Foundation at 504-558-6100, Monday – Friday between 10am-4pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Community Partnership Grants program offers grant awards of up to $7,500 to support music and art education programs, cultural events put on by Louisiana arts-based nonprofits, new artistic works that interpret Louisiana culture, and other projects that support the Jazz & Heritage Foundation’s mission. Activities funded by these grants must occur between Sept. 1, 2024, and Aug. 31, 2025 and take place in Louisiana.

  • Applicants may submit no more than one CPG application – and in only one of our five grant categories – per grant cycle.
  • Online Applications Only: We only accept applications through our online application portal. We do not accept paper applications.
  • To access the application, first read through the guidelines for the grant category that interests you. Then view our online application form here: https://jazzandheritage.gosmart.org/ through our online application portal

Past Grant Recipients

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation has awarded thousands of grants that support music and art education programs, cultural events put on by Louisiana arts-based nonprofits, new artistic works that interpret Louisiana culture, and other projects dedicated to creating opportunities for communities across the state.

Click below to discover the numerous organizations and individuals making a positive impact in their community.

“The arts have a profound impact on the development and well-being of our community. In a city like New Orleans, where music and art are not just forms of expression but a vital part of its cultural identity, preserving the arts is crucial in ensuring that future generations continue to have equitable access to it.

Don Marshall
Executive Director

Our Mission

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation, Inc. promotes, preserves, perpetuates, and encourages the music, culture, and heritage of communities in Louisiana through festivals, programs, and other cultural, educational, civic, and economic activities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make quality arts programs accessible throughout Louisiana and support the artists and nonprofits that create them. We see deeper public awareness and broadening appreciation for the arts; better arts education reviving school environments; wider access to the arts fostering understanding among cultures; and artists and arts organizations enhancing the quality of life for all Louisiana communities.

Our Belief

The Foundation believes that diversity in art and cultural expressions are crucial; that the creative expressions of historically underrepresented communities and people are fundamental to the arts and culture of Louisiana. Furthermore, the Foundation recognizes that historically underrepresented groups, artists, and non-profits, have been excluded from funding opportunities due to both explicit discrimination and implicit biases.