Community Partnership Grants

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation is happy to announce the 2020-2021 Community Partnership Grant Recipients. Since 1979, the Jazz & Heritage Foundation has invested proceeds from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival presented by Shell directly into the community with grants to fund projects that support the foundation’s mission. Over the last ten years, $8 million has been awarded in Community Partnership Grants. 

 “For years, as a film supporter, I have known that the Jazz and Heritage Foundation Community Partnership grants were a key platform for support of documentary film and culture documentation in New Orleans – one of the only places that consistently provides seed, production and finishing funding for documentary filmmakers in New Orleans.  Today, as a filmmaker myself, I rely on the key support of the Community Partnership grants to move my doc projects forward – both the financial support and the stamp of approval that a JHFF grant confers – an acknowledgement that the work we are doing uplifts the culture and heritage of Louisiana and New Orleans.” –Darcy McKinnon 

This year, the Foundation has awarded over $1,000,000 in funding to nearly 500 Louisiana artists and non-profit organizations, schools, arts education programs and presenting organizations.  We also added a new category called the Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts Grant which supported new works from BIPOC creatives and from BIPOC led arts organizations that reflect or document Louisiana culture.  We received a record number of grant applications and were able to fund 96% of the proposals.  

This year we saw a very diverse pool of applications from across Louisiana.  We made an effort to collect more quantitative data about our grant applicants.  This data will be made available in a report in the coming weeks.   

But for now we can tell you: 

  • 98% applicants are from Louisiana 
  • 68% applicants identified at Black or African American 
  • 2% of applicants identified at Indigenous or Native American 
  • 51% applicants identified as male. 
  • 73% of the nonprofits that applied report they have women in senior leadership positions 
  • We received applications from all over Louisiana- from Caddo Parish all the way to Plaguemines parish.  

Broken down by category: 

  • In-School – 98% funded 
  • After-School- 97% funded 
  • Presenting- 95% funded 
  • Media & Documentation- 97% funded 
  • Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts – 92% funded  

The Donald Harrison, Sr. Museum is a small community based one. The continuous support of the Jazz & Heritage Festival Foundation has been immeasurable in the museum’s ability to document, preserve, and present the indigenous cultural expressions of New Orleans to diverse audiences. We are most grateful for the funding of projects and programs that serve elders and children. Additionally, the application and reporting process are obviously designed to be inclusive and not burdensome to organizations and individuals who are from and work in communities that birth and nurture the unique cultural expressions that make New Orleans, New Orleans.

– Big Queen Cherice Harrison-Nelson