material use Form

new orleans jazz & heritage archive

INSTRUCTIONS: Use of material from the Jazz & Heritage Archive requires the written agreement of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) and the payment of any applicable fees.

Step 1:  The process begins with the information requested in this form.

Step 2:  The Archive will contact you to review the application, discuss fees, and, if needed, collect additional information about your project.

Step 3: If your use request is approved, you will need to sign an Agreement with the Archive. This Agreement sets out your permitted uses and any restrictions that apply to the materials or project.

Information to Submit a Request for use

Terms, Conditions, and fees

All proposed uses—commercial and noncommercial–require review and written permission from the Jazz & Heritage Archive.

The Foundation reserves the rights to decline any requested uses and to determine the appropriate format for the release of materials. No high-resolution images or audio or video will be released for personal or research use.

Your requested use  will also require a formal license and payment of fees.

Typical Fees

Still ImagesFoundation owns or
controls rights in images
Foundation does not own or
control rights in images
Print publication, interior$200 per image$100 per image
Print publication, cover$1000 per image$500 per image
Website, interior$200 per image$100 per image
Website, homepage$600 per image$300 per image
Exhibition$1400 per image$700 per image
Film/television production$1400 per image$700 per image
Audio-Visual MaterialsFoundation owns or
controls rights in tapes
Foundation does not own or
control rights in tapes
Commercial film, television, streaming$75 per second w/ $750 minimum$37.50 per second w/ $500 minimum
Public television, non-commercial documentaries$30 per second  w/ $300 minimum$15 per second w/ $150 minimum
Radio, internet, podcasting$50 per second w/ $500 minimum$25 per second w/ $250 minimum
CDs, albums, sampling$75 per second w/ $1000 minimum$37.50 per second w/ $500 minimum
Exhibitions$35 per second w/ $500 minimum$17.50 per second w/ $250 minimum
Spoken words$6 per second w/ $350 minimum$3 per second w/ $175 minimum
Digitization and Retrieval FeesMaterials not on site or not previously digitizedMaterials on site and  previously digitized
Retrieval of stored physical tapes$75 minimumn/a
Digitization of tapes (if required)Fee depends on the median/a