Community Partnership Grants - Current Grant Cycle

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Distributing checks for Community Partnership Grants. (Photo: Zack Smith)

Distributing checks for Community Partnership Grants. (Photo: Zack Smith)

Reinvesting the proceeds from Jazz Fest directly into the community.


For information about the history of the Community Partnership Grants program, including lists of winners from previous grant cycles, please see here.

2014-2015 GRANT CYCLE
Applications and guidelines for the next grant cycle will be made available in May 2014. The deadline for applications will be in July 2014. Please sign up for our newsletter to keep informed about this program.

2013-2014 GRANT CYCLE
The 2013-2014 Community Partnership Grants grant cycle is now closed. Grants were awarded in four categories:

  • Jazz & Heritage After-School and Summer Education Programs in Music, Arts and Cultural Traditions. This category supports after-school and summer educational arts programs offered by nonprofit organizations and Louisiana K-12 schools. Organizations may apply for funding to pay the professional service fees of the artists or educators who will do the instruction.
  • Jazz & Heritage In-School Education Programs in Music, Arts and Cultural Traditions. This category supports in-school music and arts education programs at Louisiana K-12 public schools. Schools may apply for funding to purchase or repair instruments and other supplies, or to cover part of an arts teacher’s salary, for programs that happen during the regular school day.
  • Jazz Journey Presenting: Festivals and Concerts in Music and Performing Arts. This category supports employment for Louisiana performing artists by providing funding to Louisiana-based nonprofit organizations that hire local musicians or other performing artists to perform at cultural events in the state.
  • Jazz & Heritage Archive: Documentation and Preservation. This category supports the creation or exhibition of art works that document or interpret the indigenous culture of Louisiana.

A total of 184 grants were awarded, totaling $361,865. For the complete lists of grant recipients in each category, please see the Downloads section below.

Grant recipients may access our Final Report forms in the Downloads section below.You may see lists of prior grant recipients in the Downloads section below.

Please join our e-mail list to be notified when we make announcements about this program. For more information, please call the Jazz & Heritage Foundation at (504) 558-6100.


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The attached file of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation logo may be downloaded to use when acknowledging the Foundation as a funder of a project that was awarded grant funding.


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2011 Community Partnership Grants Presentation
2011 Community Partnership Grants Presentation
Giving out $200,000 on Nov. 30, 2011.
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