The Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange

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The Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange is a project of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation with support from the State of Louisiana.

As part of our economic development mission, we have built the Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange.

The goal is to help the musicians of Louisiana – many of whom don’t have booking agents, record labels or music publishers – connect with:

  • Festivals and other talent buyers for live performance engagements
  • Music supervisors for licensing music into films, TV shows, commercials and videogames

The Talent Exchange is a searchable, online database of Louisiana music.

Festivals and other buyers for live performances can search by genre, artist and also by tour date and the region of the world where our musicians are performing.

Music supervisors can search by artist, song, genre, mood, tempo, key signature and even “sounds like.”

The list of genres that appears on our home page reflects those that currently have entries in our database. As the database of music grows, so will the list of genres.

The Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange is a free service available to all Louisiana musicians.

Artists, booking agents, record labels and music publishers wishing to list music on the Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange should contact us via e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in Louisiana music!

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