Class Got Brass? A ‘Battle of the Brass Bands’ for Schools

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Got brass? Passing the brass band tradition from generation to generation.

Got brass? Passing the brass band tradition from generation to generation.

Everybody's saying, 'Look what the Jazz & Heritage Foundation started.' There are 10 or 15 new brass bands that have started since the first Class Got Brass. You guys have done an awesome job of revitalizing the tradition.

Wilbert Rawlins, Landry-Walker High School

NEW VIDEO: See the new mini-documentary about the Class Got Brass program produced by the Jazz Fest presenting sponsor, Shell.

For full results of the 2017 competition - including participating bands, winners and judges - see here. 

"Thank you to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation  for supporting music in our school system and giving students an opportunity to explore their inner beauty through music." - Lester Singleton, Band Director, St. Katharine Drexel Prep School


Apply now to participate in the 2018 Class Got Brass compeition. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018. To apply, please use this online application form.

Class Got Brass is a program of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation to support music education in the schools while promoting the traditional music of New Orleans. It is open to middle schools and high schools in Louisiana.

Please see the full guidelines here, or in the Downloads section below.

The 2018 Class Got Brass competition will take place Sunday, March 4, in Armstrong Park as part of our Congo Square Rhythms Festival.

Landy-Walker High School was the big winner of the 2017 Class Got Brass Compeition, taking the top prize of $10,000. For complete results of the 2017 contest, including all of the participants, winners and judges, please see here.

Class Got Brass was started in 2012 to address two core issues: 1) lack of funds for music education in the schools, and; 2) a lack of emphasis on traditional New Orleans music in the many school band programs that are doing great work despit tremendous obstacles.

The goals of Class Got Brass are to create an incentive for band programs to embrace the joyful sounds of New Orleans brass bands, and to reward participating schools with funds that support their music instruction.

"It was a honor to be part of seeing culture that has been worked on in our classrooms and then presented to the people. I think this competition is a great and innovative idea on every level." - Donald Harrison, Jr., musician, educator and 2013 judge

Class Got Brass is open to middle schools and high schools – public and private – anywhere in Louisiana.

Prizes in the "advanced" category will be $10,000 for first place, $7,000 for second and $5,000 for third. We also have a category for beginner bands, with prizes of $5,000, $4,000 and $3,000 for first, second and third place, respectively. There are additional prizes for schools that don't place in the top three.

The prizes will be in the form of gift certificates from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation that may be redeemed for instruments, instrument repair or other supplies that benefit the winning schools’ band programs. Judges are a who's who of New Orleans musicians and music educators.

Competing bands are limited to 12 members – only one bass drum, one snare drum and one tuba. All other instruments must be part of the recognized brass band tradition. Schools are encouraged to augment their bands with “steppers,” or dancers.

For more details on how to participate, please see these guidelines, and enter by using the online application form here.

Each contestant must open their performance with a traditional dirge. They also must perform an up-tempo song from the traditional brass band repertoire as well as one contemporary song. For a list of approved songs, please see here or the Downloads section below (band directors are welcome to request additions to the approved song list by sending an email here.)

 In addition, each contestant will be scored according to five criteria:

• Adherence to tradition (How much does it sound like a New Orleans second-line band?)
• Originality (How much of their own personality is in the performance?)
• Improvisation (Do the band members interact with one another?)
• Tightness (Do they sound rehearsed and together?)
• Overall presentation (Do they sound good? Do they look good? Are they having fun?)

Our partners at the Preservation Hall Foundation are providing additional resources to help band directors prepare their students for the competition.

There is a resource-rich web site with instructional materials covering six songs in the traditional brass band repertoire.

For each song, there is sheet music to download, with arrangements for all brass band instruments: trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, bass drum and snare drum. There are also classic recordings demonstrating the proper tone and style.

Check out the web site here.

Better yet, for band directors who want personal instruction for their students, Preservation Hall will send members of its world-famous band to conduct clinics at schools that have entered the Class Got Brass competition - at no charge to the school. To request a clinic for your school band, click here.

2017 Class Got Brass Results:

First Place: Landry-Walker High School, $10,000 (band director: Wilbert Rawlins)
Second Place: St. Augustine High School, $7,000 (band director: Eddie Williams)
Third place: KIPP: McDonogh 15 Middle School, $5,000 (band director: Kelvin Harrison)
Edna Karr High School (band director: Chris Herrero)
KIPP Renaissance High School (band director: Lester Wilson)
McKinley Senior High School, Baton Rouge (band director: Frank Williams)
George Washington Carver Collegiate Academy (band director: Jeffery Herbert)

First Place: Park Forest Middle School, Baton Rouge, LA, $5,000 (band director: Doretha Williams)
Second Place: St. Katharine Drexel Preparatory School, $4,000 (band director: Lester Singleton)
Third Place: Lincoln School for the Arts, $3,000 (band director: Carlyn Glenn)
Arthur Ashe Charter School (band director: Edwin Thomas)
Democracy Prep School, Baton Rouge, LA (band director: Karron Brown)
Dolores T. Aaron Academy (band director: Andy Bower)
KIPP Central City Academy (band director: Joshua Speight)
Moton Charter School (band director: Edwin Harrison)
N.P. Trist Middle School, Meraux, LA (band director: Carl Landry)
Ridgewood Preparatory School,  Metairie, LA (band director: Shari Meyer)

All participating schools receive a minimum of $750 in prize money. In all, the Jazz & Heritage Foundation supports the competing schools with a total of $42,000 that goes toward the schools’ music programs.

Previous Class Got Brass Winners:

First place: Medard H. Nelson Charter School, $10,000 (band director: Johnnie Van Buren II)
Second place: Landry-Walker High School, $7,000 (band director: Wilbert Rawlins)
Third place: St. Augustine High School, $5,000 (band director: Eddie Williams)
Fourth place: Edna Karr High School, $750 (band director: Chris Herrero)
Firth place: McKinley Senior High School, $750 (band director: Frank Williams)

First place: Park Forest Middle School, $5,000 (band director: Doretha Williams)
Second place: KIPP McDonogh 15 Middle School, $4,000 (band director: Kelvin Harrison)
Third place: KIPP Central City Academy, $3,000 (band director: Joshua Speight)
Fourth place: Lincoln School for the Arts, $750 (band director: Carlyn Glenn)
Firth place: Langston Hughes Academy, $750 (band director: Samuel Venable, Jr.)
Sixth place: Dolores T. Aaron Academy, $750 (band director: Andrew Bower)
Seventh place: Lafayette Academy, $750 (band director: Charles Jackson)
Eighth place: Eisenhower Elementary School, $750 (band director: Brandon Kelley)
Ninth place: Moton Charter School, $750 (band director: Edwin F. Harrison, Jr.)

First Place: Landry-Walker High School, $10,000 (Band Director: Wilber Rawlins)
Second Place: At. Augustine High School, $6,000 (Band Director: Eddie Williams)
Edna Karr High School, $4,000 (Band Director: Chris Herrero)

First Place: Medard H. Nelson Charter School, $4,000 (Band Director: Johnnie VanBuren)
Second Place: Martin Behrman Charter Academy, $3,000 (Band Director: Birdell Mitchell)
Third Place: Park Forest Middle School, $2,000 (Band Director: Doretha Williams)

St Augustine High School - First Place, $10,000
Landry Walker High School - Second Place, $6,000
KIPP: McDonogh15 Middle School - Third Place, $4,000

Medard H. Nelson Charter School - First Place, $4,000
Fannie C Williams Charter School - Second Place, $3,000
D.W. Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies - $2,000

First Place, $10,000: O. Perry Walker High School, Band Director: Wilbert Rawlins
Second Place, $6,000: KIPP McDonogh 15 Middle School, Band Director: Kelvin Harrison, Sr.
Third Place, $4,000: Joseph S. Clark Prep, Band Director: Joe Franklin

First Place, $10,000: KIPP McDonogh 15 Middle School, Band Director: Kelvin Harrison, Sr.
Second Place, $6,000: O. Perry Walker High School, Band Director: Wilbert Rawlins
Third Place, $4,000: McDonogh 35 High School, Band Director: David Jefferson

For the complete list of 2012 competitors, see here.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation – the nonprofit that owns Jazz Fest – has a mission to promote Louisiana’s musical culture through year-round programs in education, economic development and cultural enrichment.

The Foundation created Class Got Brass to address a conundrum.

Many, if not most of Louisiana’s schools struggle to afford enough instruments to equip all of the students who want to learn how to play music.

Still, nearly all Louisiana high schools – and many middle schools – have active marching band programs.

But, historically, hardly any of them have had New Orleans-style brass bands – even in this, the only region in the world where teen-agers love their joyous local culture of second-line parades.

So the Foundation established a contest to encourage Louisiana middle and high schools to create brass bands. They would compete in a second-line parade according to guidelines that encourage the essential elements of a centuries-old tradition. The winners would earn $20,000 worth of instruments for their schools’ band programs.

Class Got Brass made it’s debut in March 2012 and was a roaring success. More than a dozen Louisiana middle and high schools stepped up to the challenge.

A middle school, KIPP McDonogh 15, took the top prize of $10,000. O. Perry Walker High School won second place and $6,000. McDonogh 35 High School took third place, winning $4,000.

An additional 14 schools each got consolation prizes of $750 worth of instruments, instrument repair and other essential supplies.

See a video of the first annual Class Got Brass featuring the contest winner here.

Match Our Funds - Increse the Prizes
Funding for the contest prizes comes from the Foundation's Community Partnership Grants program. Prizes are limited to available funds.

But the number of prizes may be increased - or the amounts of the prizes enlarged - through donations. If your organization would like to contribute funds to increase the number or size of prizes to be made available in this contest, please contact us by clicking here.

QUESTIONS? Contact the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation by calling (504) 558-6108, or by sending an e-mail to: programs (at)



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