Blues & BBQ T-Shirt Design Contest

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Designers from around the world compete to create the official Blues Fest T-shirt image.


Naldo Adrian, a 28-year-old graphic designer in Jakarta, Indonesia, was the winner of this year’s contest to create the image for the official t-shirt of the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival.

As in years past, the festival partnered with Creative Allies to hold a t-shirt design contest. More than 60 images from designers around the world were submitted. The winner was picked by staff of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation – the annual vote to pick a winner has become a tradition among the office staff.

Upon learning that his design was picked as the winner, Naldo sent us this greeting via email:

“I love art and design very much, and music as well - like rock, jazz and blues. My favorite blues band is Gugun Blues Shelter from Indonesia. Maybe you can invite them to the festival someday.”

Sure thing, Naldo.

He added:

“By the way the festival will be held on October 12, right? That's my birthday. I guess this is my very special birthday present.”

How awesome is that?

Naldo also said:

“Wish I could go there, but I can't abandon my work here. Thank you for this great honor, and I hope the best for the show.”

Thank you, Naldo. We love your design.

Winning designs from overseas are becoming another tradition for the Blues & BBQ Festival. Last year’s winner was Marco Gambella, aka Ranboh, who lives in Padua, Italy.


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